Nov 12, 2011

I’ve been in love with love, and the idea of something binding us together; you know that love is strong enough. I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug, yeah that heart that beats as one; it’s collectively unconsciously composed. --San Francisco; The Mowgli's

Boudoir Fotografie

The night before our wedding (11.11.11) we snuck away for a few minutes during our rehersal dinner. We hid in my car and I gave DH his B-Pic book. I'm so happy I had my camera to record his reaction!

These pictures crack me up everytime!

Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 1Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 2Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 3Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 4

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Ow it make me want one sooooo bad!


How cute is that

I get a kick out of these pics every time I see them! lol