Jul 14, 2012


Little Ladies

Here are my two precious flower girls:

Elyanah, my little sister, who will be three in April (with our furbaby Maggie, who unfortunately passed away 16 days before our wedding. Have fun frolicking in heaven, sweet girl!)

and Kylee, my cousin's little girl, who is four.


sectional photo

And here is their look for the day:


flower girl with flower halo



I made them flower crowns for their hair using silk rosettes and a small grapevine wreath.

 And these are their sweet dresses. I had to re-order them a few times to get the sizes right for both girls, but they're totally worth it. Biscotti "Barefoot Wedding Dress", available at  

Product ImageProduct Image

Product ImageProduct Image


(15) Comments

That is such a adoreable look!

Thanks!! I think I'm actually more excited to see them all done up in their dresses than I am to see me in mine!! Lol. And they are so adorably ornery...I can't wait to see what happens on the trip down the aisle:)

They are going to look so cute!!!

I love the baby's breath wreaths!!!!!!