Jul 14, 2012


The Gentlemen

FI wants to wear gray, and we both love this ensemble for him. Only I prefer the sleeves partially rolled up, and a light cafe-colored tie.

The Gentlemen photo 1

The groomsmen will look the same, only in tan with gray ties.

The Gentlemen photo 2

 UPDATE 6/3/12: We made a trip to Men's Warehouse, and the only way to get the above look was to have the guys buy all the different pieces. I didn't want them to have to do that, so we went with the following tux for the gentlemen. Nick will have an ivory vest and tie, while the guys will wear the light gray pictured. It's very thin, and the lady assured us that it was one of their coolest (temperature wise) options, so I suppose it will work. I'm bummed that I won't see Nick's forearms during the ceremony, but I'm sure the jacket will come off and the sleeves will get rolled up for the reception:)


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I concur that Mens Warehouse doesn't always have the right looks for people that want to rent and not buy! Your guys will look great though!

We had grey tuxes as well...the men were very handsome! Dont change your mind! you will love it!

LOVE.  Don't you dare change your mind.  ;)

i really want my FI in this style too