Jul 14, 2012


Treat Table

Scratch the cake. We want Little Debbie! Hahaha. But seriously...a treat table is the verdict. It was going to be doughnuts, until we decided that we love all things sweet too much to limit ourselves;) We're still using the treat stands that I'm working on (pictures can be found in the DIY section), but we're loading them with Little Debbie snacks and homemade cookies in addition to a few dozen doughnuts. It'll be more cost effective, and we don't have to worry about the logistics of displaying all 17 dozen doughnuts on the table at once.

UPDATE: After a a little good-natured harassment about the traditions of wedding cake from my Mama and Nanny, we've decided to add a small, simple wedding cake to the center of center of the treat table. I found a lady here in town that makes to-DIE-for-delicious wedding cake, and we have a tasting 03/12/12. The two flavors are buckeye (chocolate burbon cake with peanut butter filling/frosting) and strawberry shortcake (sugar cookie flavored cake with strawberry jam filling and cream frosting). YUM!

Cake Inspiration

Dessert Table Inspiration

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love these pics!!

Wow!  Amazing inspiration--it's going to be beautiful!

I can't wait to see more of your plans unfold to what I know will be a gorgous wedding!

all the cakes and desserts are making dieting really hard!