Sep 01, 2013


Will You Be My Bridesmaid

I completed my first DIY last week. I decided to formally ask the ladies to be a part of the bridal party. I knew that I wanted to give them a card and after looking through other post with inspiration from Kalena ( , I decided to present them with these boxes I changed up her idea a little I've only completed one and gave it to her this weekend. I have three more to do. I wrote personalized poems for each person.


   Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 1        Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 2 Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 3


The Cards will have each persons name like the first one, I did them in their favorite color.  Then the poem on the inside with a card that gives my expectations of them, my promise to them, and the current details.  The back of the card has a scripture from the bible.

The I Promise says:

I promise to not turn into a bridezilla.  I promise to keep things light, fun, and exciting. I promise to listen to your thoughts and ideas about the wedding.I promise to do my best to not ask too much of you.  I promise to remember that this day is about LaSheanma and Juan, not dying flowers or unlit candles, so keep me focused if I get too worked up. Thank you for being a part of all of this.

The Expectations card reads:

I expect for you to attend the rehearsal the ceremony, and the reception.  I expect for you to give your participation and support in what ever way you can for the bridal shower, but there is no obligation to be there. I totally understand the expense of flying back and forth for some of you. I expect your participation in my oh-so-fabulous bachelorette party. I will let you plan as much of that as you are interested in. I expect lots of laughs and reminiscing about old times. I expect you to be in many pictures dancing the night away.  I expect us to make new memories.

  Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 4 Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 5 Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 6

I got the boxes from michael.  Each box has the card on top then you open it and it has a small card with what is in the box.  I changed Kalenas idea a little.

the contents are

  • Notepad – to jot down all of your ideas, which I promise to at least listen to
  • Calendar- to keep track of important dates and events
  • Marbles – an extra set; in case I lose my marbles along the way, you can lend me a few
  • Play Doh– you can squeeze this instead of me when I call you again to bent about planning
  • Tylenol – for that headache you’re bound to get the hundredth time I change my mind on our wedding theme and want to tell you all about it
  • Patron – in case the Tylenol isn’t enough (<------ they got their drink of choice: one got patron, ciroc, absolut, cranberry juice-she doesnt drink)
  • Picture of Us – a reminder of why you signed up for this in the first place. (it is a picture of me and that bm in a frame that says friends.

Bridesmaid Card and box Budget break down

Boxes: $2 each (michaels 40% sale)x 5= $10

Monogram Notepads: $1.50 each (michaels)x5= $7.50

2 year Calendar:$1 each (dollar store)x5= $5

Play Doh= $7 case of 12 (toys r us) = $7

Tylenol= $4

Drinks =varied prices from liquor store= $16

Frames= $4 each (marshalls) = $20

Paper: Free, paper from previous projects

Printing: Free, did it on my home printer

Grand Total $69.50  between 5 people= approximately $14 each

My MOH's reaction this weekend to the box and card= priceless; so worth it.

I thought that wasnt so bad, of course you can save on liquor and you can find cheaper frames at the dollar store. You also can buy cheaper playdoh individaully but i plan to give the rest to my little cousin.


What do you think?


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This is an amazing idea.

I'm glad they like it! Neat surprise coming across this on someone's bio :)

Thank you! They have loved receiving them so the time and money spent was worth it.

This is just the cutest thing.  I love, very classy if I may add!