Feb 10, 2012


Engagement Photos


I worked so hard on these. I am so excited to show you!!

Okay, first of all, just because I want them all presented together, here are my STD pics I took when I sent out my STD's in December.

Engagement Photos photo 1Engagement Photos photo 2

After that was done, I knew I really wanted more. We have such a crazy nerdy personality that I could display through pictures and I had a ton of ideas to make it happen. I wasn't sure if I would do them since it's really an extra cost and I'm on a crazy tight budget. BUT I found a deal on seizethedeal.com that I couldn't pass up. A local photographer that usually does shoots for $150 had them for $45.

I had some more taken by a photographer, J-Wood Photography.

She did a great job. My Fi was more than hesitant. To be honest, he reminded me of a grumpy little kid, but she made him comfortable in front of the camera and got some great pictures. She really helped me show his personality in the pictures as well. It helped that she was almost as nerdy as us :)

We did have tons of fun taking them. I had collected tons of inspiration photos and we used many. I even had a list of shots in order (i.e: outside in dress do these, inside in dress do these, outside in comic clothes do these, etc.) My photographer didn't think I was crazy at all. She actually appreciated the direction. She still had her own creavtiveness as well, it was just so we wouldn't miss any of my must haves in all the confusion of getting shots. And it was kind of a surreal moment of I didn't know what I was doing so I was glad to have it all written down. I realized if I'm this big of a mess on E-pic day, I'm going to look totally insane on my wedding day. I wish I would have taken a few more poses, but maybe I can get something similiar on our wedding day instead, and maybe (cross our fingers) my hair will actually stay curled that day it looks like such a hot mess in these pics.

So I'll stop teasing with all this talking.

Engagement Photos photo 3Engagement Photos photo 4Engagement Photos photo 5Engagement Photos photo 6Engagement Photos photo 7Engagement Photos photo 8Engagement Photos photo 9Engagement Photos photo 10Engagement Photos photo 11Engagement Photos photo 12Engagement Photos photo 13Engagement Photos photo 14Engagement Photos photo 15Engagement Photos photo 16Engagement Photos photo 17Engagement Photos photo 18Engagement Photos photo 19Engagement Photos photo 20Engagement Photos photo 21Engagement Photos photo 22

Engagement Photos photo 23Engagement Photos photo 24

Engagement Photos photo 25Engagement Photos photo 26

Engagement Photos photo 27Engagement Photos photo 28Engagement Photos photo 29Engagement Photos photo 30Engagement Photos photo 31Engagement Photos photo 32Engagement Photos photo 33

Engagement Photos photo 34Engagement Photos photo 35



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