Feb 10, 2012


First Bridal Expo

First Bridal Show (July 2009)


I just got engaged on June 19, 2009. I've been looking at alot of different DIY projects. My mother is planning on fronting most of the money for the wedding, but I know she can't really afford any of it, so I'm trying to keep costs terribly low. I've been to a few wedding expos and ordered some pocketfolds and envelopes to start planning my invitations. I'm really excited to get started, but I'm so lost. Thankfully I have an amazing Maid of Honor that is there every step of the way to help, and a Mom that just doesn't use the word no. It's been so fun going with them and one of my bridesmaids to all the expos. The other BM wasn't able to go because of her work schedule. (And for the pics, I got the waiter to sit with my mom just to embarrass her for the fun of it. ;)

Just engaged photo 2Just engaged photo 3Just engaged photo 4Just engaged photo 5

      Maid of Honor           Mom and the Waiter                My BM          Me licking the glass clean

Just engaged photo 6Just engaged photo 7Just engaged photo 8Just engaged photo 9

My MOH (BFF for 19 years)       Me and my Mom         Me and my Aunt, my BM         All of us before our

                                                                                                                     first Bridal Expo

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