Jul 14, 2012


Nick's Ring!

I just purchased Nick's ring yesterday...SO COOL!! And pretty reasonably priced. If you like it, check out the sellers here. They're also on Etsy as Fabuluster. I can't wait to get the kit in the mail and get started:)

UPDATE: We recieved the kit to obtain my prints in the mail a few days ago. And holy moly, does it ever look intense. Lol. The thing came with about 20 steps of instructions, a thermometer, special tweezers, and five mold strips! But it'll be worth it for FI to have his fun, unique bling. I plan on taking the plunge  tomorrow...wish me luck;)

UPDATE 02/23/12: The fingerprints are all finished and shipped out! I got a convo from the Etsy seller yesterday telling me we'll have Nick's ring in 8-10 weeks. Hooray!

UPDATE 5/4/12: We recieved FI's ring in the mail! We had to send it back once to be sized, which took about a week, but this should be the final one. Yayyyy:) We couldn't be more pleased. They did an awesome job!

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It turned out amazing!

So very cool! It's so special how much care you took in creating this with the ring maker. It's as if you made it too! Such a unique ring <3 

LOVE.  So unique and funky, too!!  :D

How on earth did you find this?  This was an awesome idea.  Thanks for sharing.