Sep 10, 2011



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Our ceremony was absolutely amazing! Our officiant was one of our really good friends (in the state of Colorado anyone can officiate without getting ordained or a certificate or anything special like that.) He was also deployed last year with DH so that was pretty special. we sat down and told him what elements we wanted to incorporate in the ceremony and he made it all work. I will type it up and post it a bit later for anyone who is looking to write their own ceremony.

CeReMoNy photo 1  CeReMoNy photo 2CeReMoNy photo 3  CeReMoNy photo 4     CeReMoNy photo 5 CeReMoNy photo 6   CeReMoNy photo 7 CeReMoNy photo 8 CeReMoNy photo 9           CeReMoNy photo 10 CeReMoNy photo 11 CeReMoNy photo 12

                     CeReMoNy photo 13

CeReMoNy photo 14 CeReMoNy photo 15

CeReMoNy photo 16 CeReMoNy photo 17

  CeReMoNy photo 18 CeReMoNy photo 19

  CeReMoNy photo 20 CeReMoNy photo 21

                    CeReMoNy photo 22

                         CeReMoNy photo 23CeReMoNy photo 1CeReMoNy photo 2CeReMoNy photo 3CeReMoNy photo 4


Katrell (officiant) entrance- "One Love"- Bob Marley

Parents entrance- "All you Need is Love"- Beatles

Groom/smen entrance- "Bad Company"- Five Finger Death Punch

Bridesmaids entrance- "Four Become One"- Hawthorne Heights

My entrance- "No Matter What"- Papa Roach


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Oh wow! I have never seen a ceremony that looks fun! Just amazing!