Sep 10, 2011



dEtAiLs photo 1 dEtAiLs photo 2 dEtAiLs photo 3

 dEtAiLs photo 4 dEtAiLs photo 5

               dEtAiLs photo 6dEtAiLs photo 7 dEtAiLs photo 8

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                  dEtAiLs photo 11

                dEtAiLs photo 12

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                  dEtAiLs photo 15

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                  dEtAiLs photo 18

 dEtAiLs photo 19 dEtAiLs photo 20

                dEtAiLs photo 21

(This picture is super special, my grandmother had been in poor health and she has always said that she wanted to live to see my wedding. She did, then a week later she passed away. So to get these final images were amazing!)

dEtAiLs photo 22 

dEtAiLs photo 23 dEtAiLs photo 24

                    dEtAiLs photo 25


(3) Comments

I love the details! May your grandmother rest in peace but what an amazing thing you got to share with her! 

everything looked so great!!!

Aww, the one with the three generations of hands is so amazing!  I'm so glad she was able to be there.

And your shoes are just amazing--so hot!  And the dogtags on the bouquet...definite "aww" moment!