Mar 10, 2012


Tradition, tradition...TRADITION!

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Oki, so we all know the old superstition/tradition:  something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Well, here are my items that fulfill that tradition.

Something Old...

On Christmas day of 2011, my mom gave me the following bracelet with a short note.  When she was in elementary school, schools were required to test for TB and administer shots if needed; they would use a fourth or fifth grade student to go to each classroom to let the class know that the nurse was ready to see them.  In 1972, when my mom was a fourth grader, she was selected to do this for half a day.  As a thank you gift, the nurse gave her this ten commandments bracelet.  She's saved it for 39 years, waiting for the day to give it to one of her daughters on her wedding day.  I am going to wrap it around my bouquet.

Tradition tradition TRADITION photo 1

Something New...

My entire wedding ensemble--dress, jewelry, lingerie, headband--are new, so that explains it.

Something Borrowed...

I put my name in for a sixpence brooch that was advertised in the Something Borrowed forum on PW, but it has been MIA for several weddings.  I finally thought to ask my grandmother, who's been like a mom to me, if I could borrow a penny from her.  So I will wear this borrowed penny in my left shoe instead of the sixpence.


Something Blue...

My bouquet!

Tradition tradition TRADITION photo 2


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I love that story about your bracelet!