Sep 24, 2011



My Invites:

First piece of advice my sister gave me " Don't spend alot on invites" from her own personal experience she says she regrets spending so much only to have ppl throw them out. LADIES THAT'S THE BEST ADVICE I HEARD!!!! So I went to Michaels Crafts and picked up these:

My DIY photo 1

End Product..I added crystals to each of the capital letters in our names...which you can't see in this photo:(

My DIY photo 2


My Brooch Bouquet:

I oeginally wanted to use this for myself. But my mom really wanted me to carry fresh I gave the bouquet to my niece/FG to carry.

How it started:

My DIY photo 3

Originally, I wanted just brooches. But then decided i wanted it to be fuller and softer looking so I got parchment roses from Michaels Crafts and put that in then the brooches and loved the end result!

My DIY photo 4My DIY photo 5

My DIY photo 6


My DIY photo 7

My DIY photo 8


My Bling Shoes:

I definitely wanted so serious bling on my shoes and thought "hey i'm good with crafts" so i ordered relatively cheap shoes to try this on and it worked so perfectly that the first pair I did it on was the one I wore.

My DIY photo 9

My DIY photo 10


My DIY photo 11

My DIY photo 12

My DIY photo 13

My DIY photo 14

Our Guestbook!

Since we loved our Engagement photos so much and wanted to share them with well as keep in an album as a momento.. I decided to make it up on! It was full of our photos as well as lined pages for guests to sign as they viewed the book:


My DIY photo 15



My DIY photo 16


My DIY photo 17

(11) Comments

I wanted to let you know that FI was asking me what we were doing for our guest book and I told him that I had seen what you two did. He loved the idea and so now we are doing this too. Thanks for the inspiration!

what else i could say?..they already said what i need to write down..but truly..your bouquet is gorgeous.

Your DIY came out wonderfully. That die for!

Your shoes are incredible!