Sep 24, 2011


Small Touches

To me weddings are such an important moment in time that you can't help but want it to be perfect! Perfect to all of us is different. But i think the one thing we all have in common is our small touches to make our weddings stand out and reflect the couple.

Here is our small touches:

The cones that held our bio degradable confetti and butterflies are actually pages from The Time Travelers Wife.  A few ppl knocked this idea down and said "who is going to notice" ..but let me tell you... I saw ppl actually pull the cone apart to read the page after they threw the confetti and...THEY SMILED!!!! THAT LITTLE MOMENT MADE WAS PURE BLISS! Later on I got a few messages from my friends saying how unique that was!! 

Small Touches photo 1

For the ladies who are interested you can find these at this shop on etsy

You can pick from many love stories!!


More to come...

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I love the time travelers wife that book made me bawl my eyes out.

I love the time traveler's wife! Very unique!

I love that idea! SO cute!