Jul 07, 2012


A Little Love Story


My name is Chelsi, and my husbands name is Alex.

We met in high school, the summer before my freshman year. Alex is 3 years older than I am, so this was the summer before his senior year. When we first met, I knew that he was about to move to Boston for college after that year. We lived in Oregon, so that was about as far away as he could get!! 

We fell in love online. Though we both went to the same school, we did the majority of our "getting to know each other" through myspace, and AIM. Alex and I were already obsessed with each other by the time he asked me out, and I consistently told him no for the first couple months. I didn't want a long distance relationship, so I didn't want to get involved. After months of talking, emailing, and texting non stop every day, I realized that no matter what I called it, we were involved and I would miss him when he left. We went on our first date the day before he left for a 5 week camp in Boston. And throughout those 5 weeks he and I got to know each other on such a deep and thorough level just by exchanging text on a computer screen.

By the time he came home, we were an inseperable pair. Head over heels in love with each other. The rest of that year we spent together was so intense. Constantly in the back of our minds was the long distance relationship ahead of us. It was sad, but it gave every moment we spent together this intense sense of mortality, and importance. Everything was so romantic and magical. 

The long distance relationship was probably the most awful thing I have every experienced. Not only was I forced to be without Alex, but I had to see him in such a depressed and miserable state every time we talked, and there was nothing I could do about it. After a year of college, he moved back home. He hated being away from me, he hated the city, he hated the school, and there was no reason for him to stay. 

To this day, we snap back into that mentality every time one of us leaves. We have a hard time being apart for even a couple hours. But if there is anything we have learned, its how to cherish every moment we have together as they are always limited. 

Alex moved in with my mom and I during my Junior year of high school, and lived there with me until the day we got married. Alex and I drove to Kentucky (honeymoon road trip!) where we moved into our apartment and both go to school full time. 

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Such a great love story and kudos to you for finding such an amazing career!!!! You and DH sound like you made specifically for each other.  : )

What an amazing love story!! :) You two sound perfect for each other!


Such an adorable photo!