Oct 10, 2013


our story

Well, we will be telling our daughter that we met at an elegant party where I wore a beautiful dress and her dad wore a tux and we drank champagne, danced, and it was love at first sight.  Truth.  We both just came out of serious relationships and met through friends at a party while we drank beer and played drinking games.  It might not have been love at first sight (since we were both in relationships ), we like to say it was love at second sight :)  

If I went through our whole story you would see that we are young,stupid and COMPLETLY opposite.  If you write it down on paper we shouldn't work, but we do and thats all in the world that matters. We are crazy about each other, crazy about our little girl and so excited about our future. Our love is my strength. 

As you heard I have a wonderful little girl

our story photo 1


a handsome lover

our story photo 2


Im a lucky girl :)

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Awww! I love your love story and your daughter is gorgeous!!!! And your FI is very handsome!

Congrats~gorgeous couple and such a sweet little girl!! Welcome to pW!

your daughter is gorgeousss!! shes a perfect combo!  i like the idea of telling your daughter about your fairy tale meeting! im going to take that approach too because it sounds mucccch better then "mommy and daddy met tailgaiting at a baseball game where they had both consumed unnatural amounts of alcohol, and two months later they found out you were coming" haha. 

What a beautiful family!  Your daughter is such a doll!!!  : )