Jun 15, 2012



Ok... so let me tell all of you that I think I have the most involved FI ever!  LoL.  I have been sending him invite ideas here and there really thinking he wouldn't care, but oh wow, he does!!  It is completely fine with me cause I do know he is inviting Partners from his Firm, so I know he doesn't want them to look cheap or anything.  So I have been hunting through sites trying to find some reasonable deals on gorgeous invites.  I am pretty sure I am going to order a Shimmer Navy Pocket or a Silver Pocket to glam it up... Here is what I have so far...

Invites photo 1  Invites photo 2  Invites photo 3    

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Gah... I should take out the 2nd photo, we got the sample and it looks terrible!  We were pretty sad when we got it :(

What a hard decision, they all look lovely! I do love #2 and 3 best. So elegant and glam!

Oh I like the last one! Its so quaint and elegant.

<3 the damask one!