Dec 02, 2012


Our Venue

We have chosen an out of town wedding and what better place than the city where I fell in love  with Ruel--Tagaytay.  It's a two and a half hour drive from Manila, located on the hills so the climate is colder.  It's actually one of my favorite places because of the scenery. 

The ceremony will take place at Lourdes Church. Reception will follow at Villa Ibarra-Tagaytay.  It's a bed and breakfast place located at the ridge.  It has a spectacular view of my favorite lake, Taal Lake and my favorite

volcano  which is the Taal Volcano.

Our Venue photo 1

Our Venue photo 2

This is Taal Vocano. The lake that surrounds it is Taal Lake. The view is just breathtakingly


Our Venue photo 3

Our Venue photo 4

We're going to have an outdoor reception.  We're praying it won't rain. 

(3) Comments

What an amazingly breathtaking view and I can't wait to see how wonderful your wedding is going to be.  : )

It's such a beautiful venue, and I do hope it doesn't rain.  By the way, your FH is a cutie!

I've heard that Tagaytay is really incredible and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you're blessed with beautiful weather so that your guests can enjoy the view!  :)