Dec 02, 2012


My Crowning Glory

I'm still trying to decide whether I want crystals or real flowers or flowers with feathers on my hair.  What I know is I want a romantic look like these hairstyles I have found on this site:My Crowning Glory photo 1My Crowning Glory photo 2

My Crowning Glory photo 3

I still don't know if I am going to wear a veil.  Since I'm a second-timer, I'm not very comfortable with wearing a veil but still I want to look like a real bride for my husband-to-be. Any ideas?


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Fantastic inspirations, and you're heading in the right direction.  

These are beautiful inspirations.  I think you're headed in the right direction.  You could also try a tiara or a headband?

that hair flower is beautiful!!

My Crowning Glory photo 1

That is absolutely beautiful!!!