Jul 22, 2012

I am married to my high school sweetheart. He means the world to me along with my fur-babies.

DIY Projects!

I love them, they definitely turned out WAY better than I thought :)

I bought these numbers at hobby lobby. I painted them green, then I got a staple gun and stapled the sting to the back of them. DONE. :)
My next project; Chalkbored in a wooden frame. I also bought these items at Hobby Lobby. I bought purple and green paint. Painted them. My bridesmaid/sister then helped me put them in a wooden frame. She just screwed on metal thingy, kindof like the flap things on a back of a picture frame. (We couldnt think of anything else. and the chalkboard didnt fit in the frame). But we got it to work out and this is my framed chalkboards. :)
Save-The-Dates are made! ;)
From a local store of creativity and scrap booking in my town called, "Silly Scamper" I got 120 made for only $40 bucks! Went to Wal-Mart and got magnet strips, cut them and stuck them to the back so they are now STD magnets!  



Bridesmaid glasses! Chalkboard paint and Gems -- Bought from Hobby Lobby. Minus the blue tape!

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Thank you!! :D

that wine glasses are amazing great job :)

Hobby lobby! ;)

I love that bling around them glasses!  I want one!!!