May 26, 2012


❤ Wedding Day Recap ❤

❤ Wedding Day Recap ❤ photo 1


Our wedding day couldn't have been any more beautiful then I could have imagined. Even though there was slip-ups, forgotten and unplanned things but somehow it all came together! I remember reading on here that so many brides felt the day flew by and they weren't kidding. At least I was aware so I tried to soak up every memory and not sweat the small stuff. I kept getting compliments all day about how calm I was. The weather was in our favour a beautiful 24 degrees, light wind to keep the bugs away and clear skies.


To my hair stylist, makeup artist, cake maker, wedding planner, DJ, caterer, photographer and videographers... W.O.W! Thank you for making everything and everyone so beautiful! You all deserve a big pat on the back!


Bobby and I enjoyed every second of our day celebrating with friends and family. Everyone who truly meant something to us was there. My sisters and sisters-in-law looked breath-taking! The moms looked stunning too! I was happy with how I looked, especially that I still looked like myself. Everyone delivering things showed up on time and were all so respectful. Our vows were short and sweet which the guests said they appreciated. Bobby and I escaped for a few minutes alone just to give each other a real whole hearted kiss. People enjoyed taking funny pictures in the photo booth we set up, some of them are so funny! Dinner was served on time and the food was delicious! Moe from New Port came himself and made sure things went smoothly. What a sweetheart! Toasts were done by Bobby's best friend who was very sweet, followed by my sister who did a great job thanking everyone, then Bobby's father who presented us with a deed for 10 acres of land to build on, and finally my dad who made me tear saying how beautiful I was and how proud he was to have Bobby in our family. The cake was SO GOOD! Then came the dances. Bobby's sister delivered a beautiful song for our first dance called "Forever and a Day" which she wrote from the perspective of Bobby. I can't wait to hear it recorded. Then came the Father/Daughter dance that made every person cry. My daddy is the sweetest man! The Mother/Son dance was cute and fun. My best friend Ariana did a rendition of "Awake My Soul" by Mumford and Sons and all the couple were invited to the dance floor. Another beautifully done song I can't wait to hear again! The rest of the night was very laid back, casual and fun. DJ Lil Phil was perfect! Everything on cue and delivered some amazing music for the night! There was fireworks, drinking, dancing and lots of love that night!


There were some things that didn't get set up or didn't get set up right but why sweat the little stuff. We started a little late but then again what wedding starts on time? Money, money, money lol we definitely went over our budget and had to get a little help from our parents but they were all too happy to help out! The late bus returning guests only had 5 people on it and our limo arrived before they left, but they said go for it. I still felt bad leaving them.


Bobby's father is a hard case and he wouldn't shut up during the ceremony! Kept saying "well hold her hand" or "speak up". Excuse me but SHUT UP! The officiant messed up on a few things, including our I DO vows and my middle name lol It's Joan and I'm pretty sure I was called Jean, Jane, Johan, etc. Even though I made it very clear to people, there were cars parked behind the location so thank you blue car for ruining all my photos! I'll get over it but still could have been prevented! Some of the rental glasses got broken, understandable but people could be more careful. I can only imagine what a bar goes through every night! Whoever took a bite out of my husband's truck cake is going to get smacked! We'll be keeping it for our anniversary because everyone ate the top of our cake :(


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