Sep 01, 2013



For the moment, Ive decided on Fuschia and eggplant as the colors, with touches of teal.  Im going to really try to stick with these colors, but everytime I see tables or dresses in black my heart skips a beat so I have to find a way to incorporate black into the mix or change my colors altogether.   So here is what Im thinking for the tables.  Gold chargers, gold chivari chairs, eggplant table cloths, teal napkins, and fuschia flowers.   Here is some of my inspiration:


Tables Centerpieces photo 1   Tables Centerpieces photo 2 Tables Centerpieces photo 3

Maybe I can incorporate black with the centerpiece? (pics from JL designs)

Tables Centerpieces photo 4  Tables Centerpieces photo 5 Bella Signature Designs

  Tables Centerpieces photo 7  from bkpinkbride


***UPDATE 5/15/12

Well you knew it was coming, I just couldnt get the black out of my system. I have finally caved into my love for the color and switched colors champagne, black with ivory and red accents.  Which means new inspiration for table decor.

Champagne table clothes, black chargers, black vases/boxes, red flowers                                

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Yes, cant wait to see the reality of it all!

Those flowers are super gorgeous!!!  You have amazing taste.

Gorgeous inspiration pics!!  I love where you're headed, lady...  ;)

Thanks I need to keep finding inspiration to solidify the colors and ideas in my mind