Sep 01, 2013



I LOVEEEEEE CAKE!!! I love cookies and doughnuts too! For the cake, Im thinking that I want either three or four tiers, white butter cream, with my eight ball cake topper.  I would like the cake to be in varying sizes on the layers, Im not sure of the design but I am sure of the shape....I want simple but different.  Here are some of my inspirations:


Sweetness photo 1  Sweetness photo 2  Sweetness photo 3Sweetness photo 4  Sweetness photo 5Sweetness photo 6Love Sweetness photo 7  LOVE IT Sweetness photo 8  Sweetness photo 9

To incorporate our theme, im thinking either a cutout of the skyline on the bottom layer of the cake, or I might make it part of the cake stand, something similar to this but not on all of the tiers:

     Love- Love-

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These are all such beautiful cakes! Whichever one you choose will be gorgeous!! Love the skyline inspirations!

Yes I want something different!

Wow! These cakes are all incredible! Great inspiration!!

I love cake too! a little too much lol, I really like how different they are. I havent showed FI so I hope he likes the uniqueness as much as I do