Oct 28, 2011


ADVICE: Lessons learned while planning

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1. Splurge on an amazing photographer. When you know your budget and are looking for vendors, make sure you book the best photographer you possibly can. Your photos will be what's left after the wedding. (Tip: We were super lucky and found our photographer as up and coming talent on Craigslist so check that out for starters.) It's worth it to cut out minor details in your budget in order to have gorgeous photo documentation of your day.

2. A venue coordinator is NOT the same as a Day of Coordinator (DOC), in most cases. Our venue gave us a coordinator to work with but that coordinator only helped with aspects of the venue details. Best advice I ever got was to hire a DOC. Among so many other things, she did our day of timeline, she set everything up for us on the day of (and there was so much to set up!), coordinated all of our vendors with each other the week of and took all of our stress away. Everything you see in our photos as far as the way things were set up... that was all her. You can be a total control freak (like me) and do all of the planning and making things, but a DOC will take all the pieces you give her and put them together in ways you never thought of.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Really. If there's anything I learned for life while wedding planning, it was this. Things are going to go wrong. That's inevitable. There are an incredible amount of pieces to this planning machine so life will happen and it won't always work the way it should. But that's when you pause and take a deep breath. Try to laugh about it and then move on. I still try to follow this advice even after the wedding. It makes life so much better!

4. Don't neglect your fiance. Details are great but please don't lose sight of why you are doing all of this work in the first place. It's to legally unite with your best friend. You will be together forever. Trust me, after the wedding is over, you will forget all about the unfounded dress doubt you had. So make sure you focus on your fiance and that the wedding does not become bigger than the two of you.

5. If you get burnt out or feel overwhelmed, take a break. If this isn't fun anymore, there's a problem. If you need to take a break from planning, DO IT!!! I took a week long hiatus after 8 months of non-stop hardcore planning and it was the best thing I did. I came back refreshed, recharged and all excited about planning again.

6. DIY doesn't always mean cheaper. LOL I ended up having to re-do most of my projects because they didn't turn out right the first time or I would do something to screw it up. More materials, more money spent, more frustration.  So think of DIY things as a way to make things the most personal but not always to save money. 



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