Jul 30, 2011

♥“Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without” ~ Unknown♥

♡MY PW Badges

Im very proud of all my PW accomplishments and excited to get the remaining badges. I ♥ adding to my collection

I LOVE it here!!!!

♥MY PW Badges photo 1A Plus ♥MY PW Badges photo 2 Bio Buff ♥MY PW Badges photo 3Group Guru X94♥MY PW Badges photo 4Hot topicX50

♥MY PW Badges photo 5FOUR 4 FOUR Carat Diva ♥MY PW Badges photo 6Photo Pro ♥MY PW Badges photo 7Socialite

♥MY PW Badges photo 8SuperGroup ♥MY PW Badges photo 9Top Toaster ♥MY PW Badges photo 10Top Poster X22

Author BIO OF THE WEEK!!!!

♥MY PW Badges photo 11MARRIED!!!! My favorite badge!!!!


Author - 5 Articles to go

Star Reviewer - Hoping to get this one, but not many canadian vendors yet...one day

Bio of the Week - i'll keep on buffin and prettifying her.... I'M WORKING HARD FOR THIS ONE!!!!

and the coveted Hostess.....Hopefully one day i'll have a pink heart of my own

****UPDATE 04.05.2012****

The Hostess badge is MINE!!!!!

 Sparkling Pink Heart pics   Proof that wanting something bad enough wins in the end!!! SO HAPPY!!!♥

****UPDATE March 2013****

BOTW baby!!!!!

YEAH!!!!!  So happy and honored to have been chosen. Again lots of hard work putting it together and hoping to be chosen. Im so excited and happy. Work on those bios ladies!!!!

Update -

IO got BLOG OF THE WEEK!!! oh yeah!!!  Its an honour to be chosen once but to be chosen twice OMG!!!  Amazing!!! ♥♥♥


NEW BADGE for the kick ass bio blitz January 2012. I ♥♥♥it lol




(5) Comments

Your bio is epic!  I think BOTW is on the horizon!  :-)

I've never really had the time to go through your bio top to bottom. It looks like you had the perfect day! And I love all of the pics and details you took the time to put up.

Thanks ladies ♥

You can totally do it Lorna - you've got this in the bag!!  ;)