Jul 07, 2012


Honeymoon plans!! (SO MUCH.)

Our honeymoon, as mentioned earlier in my bio, will be an (almost) 3 week long road trip from Western Oregon to Eastern Kentucky. WHEW! A straight shot there would be 2,410 miles. But we are certainly not taking a straight shot there. 

For us, the honeymoon is almost as big of a deal as the wedding. So, I thought I would share our plans with you lovely ladies!!

Here are the LOCATIONS in order, but several of them will be a couple days:

- Crater Lake (OR)

- Redwood Forests (CA)

- Lake Tahoe (NV)

- Yosemite (CA)

- Bakersfield, CA

- Rainbow, CA

- Las Vegas, NV

- Grand Canyon (AZ)

- Beaver, UT

- Grand Junction, CO

- Crested Butte, CO

- Limon, CO

- Kansas City, MO

- Brooks, KY

- Taylorsville, KY

- Richmond, KY (where we will move!)

This is SO huge, and I am very very excited!! More to come!

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Yeah!! where are the pix?

Where are the pictures Chelsi? Can I have a peeksy?

what a GREAT Honeymoon. I love the idea of a road trip!!!

that is a great idea!

so much fun!