Oct 21, 2011


~First Annual Kurtz Klassic~

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I am so pleased with our decision to do a charity golf tournament in lieu of a bridal shower! I had a long week of sick babies (FI include) so I did not feel as organized and put together as I would have liked but at the end of the day I shared a wonderful day with amazing and kind people!

*The Good*

*I spent the day with a great group of friends & family & enjoyed stories and kind words of FIs father who has passed but was a passionate and kind P.E. teacher and we had this tournament in his honor*

*Made some money to help our local schools P.E. department which is sadly laking and so important to children*

*Got to watch FIs MoM get on a chair and do a little shimmy, that was some good wine :D*

*Though it was windy we had no rain which is what I was affraid of so it still falls under a "good" in my book*

*The Bad*

*I forgot the pictures and sponsor information that was supposed to go on the donation table =/*

*I forgot my bra that went with my white dress so I had my nude bra poking out all night, not a big deal but frustrating!!*

*The Ugly"

First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 7


*My gorgeous little Enzo got an "ugly" black eye from running into the table, he is so tuff though the little booger NEVER cried! Ouch!!

All in all it was a wonderful day filled with love, kindness, & joy! I look forward to doing this again next year, we plan to make it much bigger(kept it only to wedding guest this year). I pray it grows every year and helps contribute to something near and dear to our hearts!!


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This is just awesome that you threw a charity golf tournie.  And I totally remember when you first posted about Enzo running into a table!  *shaking my head*  Poor little guy!  lol