Sep 22, 2012


Paper Products To Do List

I'm in the process of dealing with ridegrl1 for my wedding day paper products.

I am having a blast!  She is capturing my vision to perfection.  It is so exciting to see my wedding day ideas coming to life. 

  • programs
  • menu cards
  • candy label tags
  • 'key to success' tags - there will be a key attached to the end of the card and the cards are for a guest book where at this point the guests give us their thoughts for 'keys to a successful' marriage
  • donation cards announcing that we are donating money to a charity on behalf of the guest
  • I would like to have little tokens with our logo on it for the guests to drop in to jars for the charity of their choice (stolen from AJFisher)
  • Charity signs
  • Coupons for 'This drink is on us'
  • Table numbers


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