Jul 11, 2009


Food: "Quand l'appetit va, tout va!"

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Food for a wedding is a big deal in France. FI and I wanted to keep it "simple" (to French standards), so we will "only" be doing the following:

  • Toast after the ceremony: champagn, a nice punch and for snacks we will prepare a selection of small cookies from France (madeleine,chouqettes?), Denmark and the US (eg mini-bags of popcorn) so people can get a taste of the cultures that shape our lives.
  • Reception: Apertizer (my mum and I plan on making skewers with the help of the family), first dish, main dish and dessert (something along a cake plus a buffet of various tarts/cakes so everybody find something they like)

Our carterer will be L'Auberge de la Source, located in Saint Cyr du Bailleul. The advantage of getting married in the countryside is that we can get great quality food for less money. FI and I went there during our holidays so that he could try their food too, here are some pics:

Food Quand l appetit va tout va photo 1

Still need to decide on the dishes themselves, so I will post an update when we do that!

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hi there.

love your dress and the story behind it.  your wedding sounds like fun...enjoy this process!