Jul 08, 2011


Pros: The Reception

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With the ceremony and cocktail hour over, I hurried upstairs with my entourage to be bustled, have my veil replaced by a hair flower, and get a fresh make-up application. I was swarmed by assistants, MUA, hair stylist, and a server offering me a glass of champagne - in short, it was fabulous!


(Yep, my hair stylist came to my ceremony and stuck around just to fix my hair flower!


Then it was time for entrances!

My parents

Dan's parents and grandparents 


The bridal party: Gina/John and Tina/Brian


Stacey/Joe D. and Alison/Mark


Amy/Joe S. and Nicole/Fran


Our Maid of Honor, Jenn, and Best Man, Shawn

"For the second time as husband and wife, Dan and Lauren!" 


Straight into the first dance, Brad Paisley's "Then" 



And then it was time for the blessing, toasts, and the first of four courses

Pros The Reception photo 1


Then it was the toast by my father, which led directly into the father/daughter dance and then the mother/son



I bawled like a baby 





When it was time to cut the cake and thank our guests, we realized that we had no idea what to say! We each just took a turn with the mic and hoped it worked out :) 




Dan knew how much I didn't want to ruin my make-up with messy cake, so he pretended to wipe frosting on my face! We were about to have a real cake fight!


Soon after we had the anniversary dance: all couples came out to the floor and the DJ would ask unmarried couples (and couples married less than seven hours ;) to step off, then couples married less than a year, then three years, and so on and so forth. My aunt and uncle were the last ones on the floor at 49 years! We gave them the toss bouquet <3




After the anniversary dance, it was time for Michael Jackson! The DJ actually brought an assistant to teach everyone a few moves from "Thriller," which was a huge hit. However, before the assistant began, our guests (and my husband!) started breaking down their own best moves!





After "Thriller," it was back to being a regular dance floor at a wedding



I particularly enjoy this choreographed dance between my two friends who barely knew each other prior to this...


A spin to reveal my pink crinny and heels




And one more dance with my new husband (I was caught checking out my ring!)


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I could look at your bio a million times!!! Your wedding was amazing and you looked SOOOOOO beautiful!!!