Dec 02, 2012


What I Ask of my FH

This is a poem I wrote for my fiance some eight years ago.


What I Ask of You

by Marie Claire Miron

Love me with a passion

But be gentle with me.

Wear your heart right on your sleeve,

For all the world to see.


Look at me with loving eyes,

Mesmerize me with your smile.

Tell me that you wouldn't stay

Only for a while.


Be my friend not just my lover.

Listen when I speak.

Hold my hand and be my strength

In moments when I'm weak.


Do not bend or break my spirit,

Gently guide me when I'm wrong.

Don't always let me have my way.

I need you to be firm and strong.


Share your thoughts and fears with me

Of your life make me a part.

Share your joys and pains with me,

Let me see what's in your heart.


Be the one to wipe my tears,

Tenderly kiss my fears away.

Promise me that you'll love me,

Forever and a day.


I'm still thinking where I can incorporate it in my wedding.


(5) Comments

That is such a beautiful poem!!!

I'm including one in my programs!!!


How about reading it right before you exchange rings. It would be so romantic.

That is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!