Jul 08, 2011


Ceremony Decor

Flowers and arch by

Sacred Alter provided by Priestess SemSut Sa Beset

Ceremony Decor photo 1

Ceremony Decor photo 2

Ceremony Decor photo 3 Ceremony Decor photo 4

Ceremony Decor photo 5 Ceremony Decor photo 6

Ceremony Decor photo 7

Ceremony Decor photo 8 Ceremony Decor photo 9

(3) Comments
Your wedding decor and florals turned out great! And your color scheme works perfectly with the sunflowers :)

hehe.. I saw that.  I thought I wasn't going to be able to have them in mine because I was trying to be so non-traditional, but the florist made it happen and it worked beautifully.

Yeah!!! I'm so excited with you and for you.

I love your sunflowers!!! If you look at my bio, you'd see that I am absolutely obsessed with sunflowers as well, and I am doing my best to incorporate them into my wedding. =]