Nov 10, 2012


Wedding info

Wedding Date:  November 10, 2012

Wedding Location:  Camp Richardson Resort, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Wedding party:  has been chosen and attire has been discussed (all dresses have arrived)

Invitations: have been mailed!

Bride's attire:  dress, undergarments, shoes, and jewelry have been purchased (thinking of making a new beaded necklace and possibly a bracelet), stole - handmade 

Groom's attire:  kilt, shoes and sporran have been purchased. 

Florist:  has been booked

Officiant:  has been booked, vows and ceremony have been written

Photographer:  has been booked and confirmed

Venue:  has been booked and deposit made

Cakes:  have been ordered and paid for!
Cake topper: Alternate cake topper has been purchased.  Now original cake topper is supposedly being sent.

Caterer:  booked

table centerpieces: have been made and will double as favors, labels have been made, maybe tweaking the look a bit...

table place settings:  have been purchased; champagne glasses have been purchased and linens will be rented

Music:  list has been made, still uploading songs and need to put songs in order (have tablet)

Day-of Coordinator:  has been booked

Honeymoon:  (first week) cruise has been booked and paid, flight has been booked and paid, hotel for first night has been reserved.  (second week) Disney World, FL - we have booked the package deal and it has been paid.

Engagement pics have been taken!


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Your to-do list puts Martha Stuart to shame!

Way to be on the ball!