Sep 22, 2012


~*~Escort Cards~*~ - Inspiration

Escort Cards Inspiration photo 1

I have been back and forth with what to do as far as escort cards go. 

I've considered tented cards - nope. 

I contemplated truffles with little flags.  Actually even made a batch - flop.  Too much too work! 

Investigated a picture board.  Decided against that in case people have to cancel at the last minute

And then, PW comes through AGAIN!  I saw this on the home page.  Little hearts attached to twine and I was instantly in love with the idea. 

My wedding is taking on a bit of an unintentional theme of 'Key To My Heart', so this is absolutely perfect.  It is economical enough to be worth the effort of cutting out 150+ hearts.  Easy peasy.... just what a DIY should be.  



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so sweet!

I absolutely HEART this idea! :) Yay for an awesome PW find!