Jun 03, 1988


Fjallraven Kanken Back Pack Review

I doubt I must present you to the coolest backback on the block - the iconic layout that is Kanken of Fjallraven. I've been wanting where to buy fjallraven of these dinky-yet-durable rucksacks for ages, so I have been really happy reviewing this beauty that is oxblood.
I do enjoy equipment with a little history behind it, don't you? The Kanken was started in Sweden in 1978 as a school-friendly back pack for small ones, and has straightforward design ethics at its center. Made of durable, lightweight Vinylon F material, Kankens soon got a cult following in Sweden for their quality and practicality. And now I Have got one, so fjallraven kanken know they are cool.
Product description: "The retro classic Fjallraven Kanken Backpack has turned into a firm favourite here. This rucksack has been an ever present in the their range since and was initially launched in 1978. Made from super durable Vinylon F material, it is lightweight and very demanding and includes a large main compartment, carry handle, double side pockets, zipped front pocket, a sitting pad in the fox emblem along with the rear pocket is, in addition, a reflector. Now considered a style icon, the Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack is used by hip folk seeking a great looking retro style back pack."
Sunday cycles: The Kanken is the right size for sluggish afternoon experiences by bike. It's small and light enough to sit up on your own back, but roomy enough to fit thermos, a waterproof plus a spare inner tube or fjallraven sale . My favourite design component are the handy top manages - you've got a readily portable tote, making and clip them together. It is good for nighttime riding too - the quite adorable sleeping fox emblem on the front is, in addition, a reflector, and you can clip on a bike light onto the handles readily. The single downer for bikers is if you are taking heavy gear that the Kanken's thin straps can dig into your shoulders a bit. When I'm getting my camera kit that is hefty into work, I Will get a bag with padded shoulder straps instead.
Hiking in the New Forest: Ideal for all your Famous Five experiences, the waterproof outer of the Kanken will survive a heavy shower and keep all your special possessions dry, plus it is easy to wipe clean if things get a bit muddy. Or if it gets drooled on by New Forest ponies that were inquisitive. Practical pockets on the front, sides and inside are perfect for keeping essentials (read: chocolate bars), and there is even a seat pad included for your picnicking relaxation. Oh, when you Instagram all the healthful fun you are having, and it'll look amazing.
Verdict: Waterproof light and easier on the pocket than its bigger brothers and sisters, the Kanken Classic certainly will get a lot more kit than you might expect, making it perfect for sightseeing, day trips and experiences that are small, and is, in addition, a little bit of a Tardis. Plus, it is just so ADORABLE. I am a sucker for design that is outdoorsy that is retro, and I love the clean lines and bright primary colours of the Kanken.

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