Feb 21, 2015


My Wedding Gown Process:Step 2-Draping

Yesterday marked the 2nd stage in making my wedding gown a reality - The Draping.  Oh my word! I cannot express what a revelation it was watching the fabric being draped on the mannequin. I must admit that I wasn't too sure how the dress would look.  I bought the white and silver lace and the silver as the underlay on my own, with my stylist on the cellphone (long distance might I add, lol). Sidenote: LOOKING FOR FABRIC IN MIAMI? GO TO CAROL'S FABRICS, DOWNTOWN - lovely selections without a doubt!

Okay back to the subject at hand - the dress!  Is anyone else making their dress or have I just stepped back into the Twilight Zone? Given, I tried on gorgeous dresses at about 3 bridal shoppes but I never felt like I found "THE ONE". I attached some pix just for the curious ones out there to see what I saw on my "travels" hehehehe.

I would keep updating as my process goes along but for now, I am happy and contented. Later on I would upload pix of the actual dress but for now I would show you all The Wannabe Ones :-)

Silver dress This was the only Silver Gown that I found on my Dress Hunting but as lovely as it was, it still wasn't THE ONE.  I must say Patricia's South Bridal in Fort Lauderdale has a splendid selection of gowns.  The service is impeccable and all I could have asked for to improve my experience was a cup of hot tea! Hehehe no but seriously it was a wonderful experience.

Okay I would add one more hehehehe White mermaid Victoria's  This one I found at Victoria's Bridal. Was a close favourite but still ..sadly not THE ONE. 

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