Jun 30, 2012


The Dress! :)

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So, I went to 5 different bridal shops in the past 2 years of this engagement driving myself crazy over a dress. The first dress I picked out, is the dress I actually ended up buying in the long run. I was so afraid to get it because it was returned 3 different times... First time, the FI died in a motorcycle accident... second time, the FI was getting deployed so they had a quick beach wedding, and third time, the FI cheated.. so needless to say I was very leary towards it, so I had them write the number down, and each time I went into David's Bridal (which was at least 5 times) I picked the dress out without them telling me it was on my list, so I finally got it on sale ($300 off) so only ended up paying $850 for it... +$99 for the gown preservation :) I love this dress <3

The Dress photo 1 The Dress photo 2


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I am POSITIVE this dress will bring you nothing but GOOD LUCK and love in your life! It's gorgeous and you look awesome in it! I adore the neck line!