Sep 22, 2012


DIY ~ Blinged Cake Cutting Set

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I was looking around for cake cutting sets with some sparkle and shine to them.  They were insanely expensive. For something that was going to be used for about 5 minutes, I just couldn't convince myself to spend $50-$80. No way!  

I saw the coolest inspiration pic of a cake cutting set on Pinterest and I just knew I had to try it too.  So, I went shopping. Who doesn't love to go shopping? 


DIY Blinged Cake Cutting Set photo 1

The knife set cost me 14.99.  I had a gift card from a returned gift, so out of pocket for me was $2.35.  I bought the flower arrangement wire $1.29 (don't know actual name) and beads that were on sale for 12.00.   Total out of pocket expense - $15.50.  

Less than 20 minutes and this is the finished product.  I am in love!!!!  

DIY Blinged Cake Cutting Set photo 2

I have some fine tuning to do on the top of the one piece.  The wire is wonky looking.  The finished product isn't exactly like the inspiration, but the handles are also different.    

The picture doesn't do justice to how pretty this knife set looks in real life.  

I am so happy with how it turned out!   


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Those are so fun!

I think I might try that idea myself!