Jul 21, 2012


Wedding Shoes

I'm so in love with these shoes (chrisitan louboutin sexy strass), I think I am either going to wear the black or the white......let's see.


Wedding Shoes photo 1Wedding Shoes photo 2


UPDATE: I really do love the sexy strass above, but most of the stores don't have because its from an older collection, many store reps said the shoe sold out in 3 days. So my sis and I went shopping, registry and browsing this weekend and saw a few beauty's. I like the Valentino pinkish lace while my sister loved the Louboutins. She wants me to make a statement with the shoes but I want something that I can also wear again. Funny eveyone is saying no to the black but sis is screaming yes, I think I will break this up, I think I should leave the black for the other events and wear something nice and elegant with the dress, something timeless like me!

 Another update 4/30: I saw these and I like them as well, another Valentino.


And I purchased these below as a backup in the event I don't get what I want. It's not my first choice but it compliments the decor and will look nice w/the ivory. But it really all comes down to budget now, I got these for less than $100 and everything else I am in love with is $800 to $3k, so I have to see what makes sense, Valentino pumps or DOC? Ivanka Trump Shoes, Natalia 2 Evening Sandals


Update 5/17 - After all my back and forth about shoes, when I finally tried on the dress, my family and I realized that I would have to wear something really low, like a one inch or flats. Therefore, I decided that I am going to wear flats, so looking for something to wear, any suggestions let me know. So I am going to return the Ivanka Trump Shoes.

Update 5/24 - I know I have no business with an update on this subject, but I attended this Stiletto Dash event at Bloomingdale's today for a charity and started to browse in the shoe department. And what I discovered is that I really would like to buy some sandals that for the wedding for pictures and so forth that I can wear again and not just have for the wedding day. I think most of the looks above are stuff I won't wear again often and overly expensive, but this beauty was a pretty penny as well but at least I can rock my pedicure. It is 4 inches so probably can't wear to walk down the aisle but I will wear it during my bridal shower and for picture purposes during wedding. Plus 10% of the proceeds went to charity. Update: 8/4/12, call me the indecisive bride because I ended up trying on the shoes w/the dress and thought I was too tall, I'm almost 5'8 and hubby is 5'11, and I didn't want to be taller than him, so I returned the show and ended up wearing a pair of heels I bought a year ago that I never wore, it was a champange colored shoe that matched by MOH dresses perfectly.


Update 12/8/12: The shoes I ended up wearing. It was a pair of shoes I purchased over 2 years ago that I never had anything to wear w/and then I realized how I had something in my closet when I was showing one of my BM's, so I decided I would just wear this, it was wonderful.

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Thanks Silverstar2011! The shoes were really comfortable.

Gorgeous shoe inspirations! And I love that the right pair were in the closet all along.  =)

I love these and Giuseppe Zanotti not sure which one. Love your style!
Thanks soon to be Mrs. Ware, I just pray that I can find a dress and book a reception venue. I knew I would find shoes but need venue and dress ASAP!