Feb 21, 2015


SCAM! Which bridal place sold my FI's #

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So my fiance sent me a voice mail msg he received yesterday saying that he and I won a $100 gift certificate as well as 2 other gifts, all I had to do is call them back for more info. Has this happened to anyone else?  Well I found it mucho suspicious so I googled it and sure enough there it was in front my face that it was a scam.  Either you have to go sit and listen to a 2-3 hr "presentation" about buying into something or we have to pay to receive the supposed "gifts".

So Miss Nikita from National Health Styles....try your best eh! I don't have the time to waste! .............back to planning!!! :-)

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yes i just went to something like that myself I had won a free honeymoon to all these different places they provide food drinks and hotel and yes I had to sit in there for about 2hr but the crazy thing is we went in there and wasn't planing on getting anything but left out with something