Jul 21, 2012


Ideas:Invitations/Decor-In Love w/Lace

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I'm in love with lace, so I want to find a way to incorporate lace in my invitations, this is an idea of what I would like to replicate. If you have any ideas, let me know.

And now that I am including in the invitations, I'm finding ways to incorporate throughout the wedding. I am going to get lace hankerchiefs for the groom, BM, his brothers, my brother n laws and the little boys, but for FI I will get his initials on them and whatever else to make his more special...I am looking for an ivory color. My dress is an ivory lace so I will look for table linen similar to my dress, one for our sweetheart table and one for the cake table and for the remaining tables we will use a plain ivory in order to not overkill the lace. I may use the lace around the candle holders and some of the flower arrangements.

Now that I found the dress (an ivory colored lace), my entire thought process on the look has changed a bit, the lace will be impactful but colors that I thought would be impactful will have to take a back seat.

Update 7/3/2012: Bringing a little lace to life, purchased lace garter and wrapping votive candles w/lace. I also purchased lace hankerchief's as gifts for the women family members who have been so helpful, my side and FI's in addition to my girls! 

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Update 12/5/2012, I used lace whereever I could. Both of my dresses were of lace, also all of the hanky's made as gifts and mine had lace, I had a lace fan and used the lace embroidered ivory paper I found to print the signage throughout the wedding. Also, the traditional attire wore by the women on the groom's family side were of lace fabric, it was really nice.


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I love the lace.. especially on the gorg!

girl i love the lace...aaallll of the lace in your inspiration-)