Jul 21, 2012


Reception Inspiration/Ideas

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My color pattern will be black and ivory as my main colors, I will use a hint of this cherry jubilee lipstick that I love so much, its by Avon (would you believe they discontinued it!!!!) along w/a pale yellow as accent colors to wake it all up...there will be hints of silver and gold, I'm getting chiavari chairs in gold (these chairs are not the most comfortable but they are beautiful), this will probably be the only gold I have. And lots of candles, black vases & I need to find ways to incorporate lace.

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Update: I visited Berkeley Florist today (5/11/12), popular florist in the Miami area selling flowers and supplies, and it was like I was in heaven. It's like my inspiration came to life, but my gosh on the prices. Source, my camera.

For the sweet heart table, I'm thinking something like this, while the tables throughout the room will have an ivory color, the plain linen that comes with the facility, not sure I want to upgrade for 15 tables, I have to see what the budget is looking like with all these extras, but at least our table and the cake table can stand out.

Update 6/22/2012:Reception decor is coming together, this is my mock decor for the tables and room, I worked on it last night. There will be a tall vase and the small cubic vase....for the reception I will have small black cubic vases instead of the clear. I ordered the small black vases from ABC Glasswear from their website and the tall vases I found at Walmart and Michael's (what a search for black vases). And 2nd/3rd photo represents some items I plan to get at Michael's or Pier 1.

Wow, saw this pic and had to post, in love w/this look, but not sure how this will fit w/me, but love the mix of gold and silver.


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