Jul 21, 2012


Wedding Reception Site Options

Wedding Reception Site Options photo 1Wedding Reception Site Options photo 2Wedding Reception Site Options photo 3

The first few picturs is at the Marenas Beach Resort & Spa in Miami, this site can accommodate up to 110 persons. I like this location because it's where our guest will be staying, so would be great to have the reception at the same venue where guest will be staying.

Wedding Reception Site Options photo 4


Wedding Reception Site Options photo 5

This 2nd site is a ballroom (the last 2 photos), its the Renaissance Ballroom, I love the chandeliers. This site is half the price of the resort hotel above, but not in the area I want to be in.

What do you think?

(2) Comments
I think it depends on what style or feel you are going for. The first seems very modern and contemporary and if your vision fits that, go in that direction. However if you love the chandeliers and elegance of the second, there's your answer. Either way you can't go wrong, great choices girl!!
I think its beautiful!