Feb 21, 2015


5Mths 1Wk to go! WOW!

Hi PW peeps!  It's hope everyone has a productive week ahead.

Well!!! It was a typical Saturday morning speaking with my fiance long distance on the phone when I happened to count the months till August and shrieked - FIVE!!?? There I was comforted by that extra month only to learn that it EXISTS NO MORE!!!  Where did it go?!!!  Hehehehe

Anyway, I went into full Planning Mode despite my fiance's reserved demeanour about the preparations.  I gave him the "I'm diving in with or without you" announcement.  He has specific ideas but he doesnt quite grasp the urgency of sharing them in order to make it final.  Am I the only one dealing with this sort of behaviour?  Im touched that he prefers it romantic over crazy fun but just a little less dragging of feet when it comes to making up his mind and a lot more confirming details.

One thing I have realised (with his help) is that visuals when I ask him questions on choice, I accompany the question with an email with the various choices in front of him to see.  Success!




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