Jul 21, 2012



Main colors: Black and ivory. Chivari chairs in gold and some bling bling/silver accents. Invitations will be ivory and black, I will use a paleyellowand the red cherry jubilee somewhere some how as my pop color.

Colors photo 1Colors photo 2Colors photo 3

Accent colors: a pale yellow (buttercup or sunflower) and cherry jubilee (this is the closest I could find). My flowers will be ivory and the pale yellow. UPDATE: I might remove the cherry jubilee, no one is feeling it. I may just wear the lipstick for the reception and then add the pop through my wedding favor, I was thinking of having red velvet minicupcakes as a favor if the miniature bottles of rum from Haiti as favors does not work out (Rhum Barbancourt), this was an idea I got from a PW bride now wife. After the Earthquake in Haiti the area that produces the rum was in ruins, so working on some of my contacts to see if they can help me w/this, great way to incorporate my families ancestory since the Nigeria element from my FI's side will be so much at the for front. Our guest list is 66% FI and 34% my side so definitely want to bring some American and Haitian elements in the mix.


Colors photo 4Colors photo 5

Update 8/1/2012: I kept all my colors and incorporated throughout the wedding either through decoration,s clothing, attire etc. during either the first day w/the traditional ceremony or 2nd day church/reception.

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