May 10, 2014

I am a woman of God. I am so excited about marrying my best friend and the love of my life. I have been extremely busy getting the ceremony and receptions plans going but through it all, it is so worth it. A & B - May 10th, 2014!!!

Brittany and Anthony - Heaven sent!



In September of 2010, we met while working for Hewlett . It was nothing like love at first was more of a "hello, let me get to know you as a friend". At first I thought that he was not my opposite except for one thing. When they say "tall, dark and handsome", that was my choice...but my guy is about my height - just a little taller and bright...but the handsome part - he has that down to the T! LOL! I was in for a few surprises! We had more in common than we thought. He was a new hire at my job and he had left his paperwork on my desk. I couldn’t help but to look down and saw that his birthday is in October. My birthday is in October….4 days apart!!!! Whoo-hoo! As we talked, he seemed to be more engaged in the conversations as the days went by. I found out that we graduated from the same elementary and high school - Booker T. Washington H.S. in Tulsa, OK. And then found out we knew some of the same people but never came across each other’s path. I knew his sister for a long time and she was my play mom in grade school. She knew that it was a connection waiting to be made when she found out that we were talking. His dad knew my dad long time ago. I wanted to know more about him as we talked – I was becoming anxious. As we got to know each other more, I was beginning to feel more and more nervous by just being around him...but I saw that he was getting nervous around me. That’s when we got the point of “crushing” on each other. But soon, he left the company in November and I was afraid that it was just a “fluke” but we remain friends and kept in touch on Facebook. We messaged each other here and there. But one day, I asked him, what is so interesting about me – OUT OF THE BLUE!!! I shocked myself! I was bold! He responded – “I think you are a very beautiful woman”. That was it!!!!!! That was my “TAH DAHHH” moment. I was on cloud nine! 

We started talking on the phone that Jan. 2011. We became more comfortable with each other on the phone...but in person, it was different, I could tell that we were getting closer. He emailed me one day on Facebook about seeing if I wanted to go to a comedy show with Bill Bellamy at the casino. I was so excited but wanted to keep my cool. I said “sure”. We made it a date and we ended up having a blast!!!! On our first date, we hit it off fast! Later that night, we ate at PF Changs in Utica Square. I just knew that when I made eye contact with him on our first date, that he was the ONE!!! A few days later, we experienced a big snow storm and could not see each other for about 4 days. (It was torture!) We talked on the phone around the clock. As the snow melted, I was so determined - I drove over to his house after work in the snow. We made sure that we at least talked or got to see each other. Few weeks later, we enjoyed our first Valentine's Day together at The Melting Pot. He had never been there so it was a big treat! He was so handsome I couldn’t stop staring at him. I could tell that he was looking at me too – non-stop. The evening dinner and chemistry was perfect!!!!

  We tried to spend as much time together as possible. We loved being in each other’s presence. That April 2011, I found out that I was 7 weeks pregnant. I was scared but he was excited!!! I didn’t know what was going on with me. I have never been pregnant before. That June, we ended up losing the baby at 16 weeks and found out we had a girl, Braelynn!!! We were both devastated!!! But we knew God was in the works and we know in our hearts that we have a beautiful daughter in heaven waiting on us and watching over us. Then ended up being pregnant again and had a miscarriage. Then 8 months later, we ended up pregnant again and had a miscarriage and it was a boy, Bryson!!! We both know in our hearts that our children are in the safest, most blessed place in heaven. We know that God knows best and our children are watching over us with my parents and his dad. After so much heartbreak, we both agreed to let my body heal, get financially stern and get married. And so after 2 years of so many ups and downs, we are inseparable and Emoji love each other so much. We both keep each other encouraged spiritually in Lord and stay faithful to God in everything we do. I love him soooo much. He is more than the love of my life, he is my partner in faith, my companion and future husband through God. This love is truly God-meant and Heaven-sent.

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Awww...thank you @SDonisi! I am so grateful to share this love with you all. Life is full of surprises and my guy came as a surprise. I knew his sister from grade school and she just knew that he was in good hands when we started dating. I love him so much! Thank you for your kind words. The future has so much in store. Im excited!

Your story is heartbreaking but beautiful. The fact that the two of you can go through so much and emerge stronger together tells me you will have a wonderful marriage!

Thank you @Uhlease for your kind words. Every little counts. ((hugs))

I'm so sorry you two have already had to go through so much-but it just makes you that much stronger as people, and as a couple. Happy planning, and wishing you two all the best for the future!