May 04, 2012

Enjoying married to the fullest!!! Looking forward to a bright future!

Our Story


I am so very in love with my man! Lol. We met almost two years ago at the home of mutual friends. That same day, he had to go to Texas for a family reunion weekend. The entire weekend, we talked and laughed and asked eachother lots of questions. (well I asked lots of questions, Lol!) When he came home, he picked up my youngest son and I and we watched movies and fell asleep. Soooo, that was technically our first date.

 As time went on, we fell in love and moved in together. We did things a tad bit backwards because we now have a baby daughter whom we both love so so so much. (she's freaking adorable)

 In August, sadly, my 26 year old brother unexspectedly passed away. It was and still is one of the hardest things I will ever deal with. My FH was absolutely incredible. He held me, comforted me, listened, and everything in between. I truly couldn't have made it without him.

About one month later, we decided to get married. No big surprise or anything. We both knew it was what we wanted to do. He got me a beautiful ring and the planning began. We are very excited and anxious to get to our big day and the next chapter in our love story.

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I'm so happy for you Candy.  BTW I LOVE the new profile picture.  You are gorgeous!



What a love story!  And there's definitely nothing wrong with doing things "backwards".  Love is love.

I love your story about how you met and I loved all of your pics. The gown was to die for. It great seeing other brides choose something other than white! I wore peach when we first got married 20 years ago and now I am wearing Platinum. Aka silver with a touch of green-blue in certain light.