Sep 22, 2012



I've been all over the map with regards to what I was going to do with the centerpieces.  ALL. OVER. THE. MAP.  

I will not bore you with all the various ideas I had floating in my head.  All that really matters is that I've found the look I want.  I am so over the moon happy with it.  I know it's the way I was supposed to go.  

Inspiration Look

  Centerpieces photo 1


My Look In Progress 

Centerpieces photo 2


I love this so much. This is the arrangement of the vases and candle holders I'm using.  I will be scattering red and silver beads on the glass to reflect the candle light.  The main vase (flared) will have a candle in it with red beads filling in between the candle and the glass.  All candles will be white. 


(5) Comments

That's going to be so understated and romantic. Great choice!

seeing the second pic on the main boards awhile back I didn't get it but seeing your inspiration pic - I love it! and I'm not huge on candle centerpieces so that's saying a lot for me :) It will look so romantic!

OMgosh Tammy this is going to look amazing!

So romantic I love candle centerpieces