Sep 22, 2012


~*~ Ring Bear Baby and Bear ~*~

I want our Junior Best Man/Ring Bearer to carry a teddy bear with him down the aisle.  My vision is him carrying this teddy bear and holding his Grandpa's hand.  The thought of it just makes my heart melt.

I knew Valentine's Day would be the best time to find the red bear I had in mind.  I was able to find this little sweetie at Walmart for less than $8.00.  I wanted the bear to have a silver bow to tie in with our colour scheme.  Off to YouTube I went in search of how to make a bow.  I found a really easy how-to video and I was off on my bow making adventure.

The end result

 Ring Bear Baby and Bear photo 1

Imagine this little sweetie carrying that little bear, while holding his Grandpa's hand.  

Ring Bear Baby and Bear photo 2

This is one part of my wedding day that is going to be my undoing when it comes to tears. This little guy is the blessing and highlight of my life. 


(4) Comments

He is going to be the most adorable ringbearer ever. What a cutie patootie!

what a sweet touch!

What a great idea carrying the red teddy bear!! That will be so adorable~

some one is loving some cake...yummy!!!