Jul 21, 2012


Hair-Looking to Add Extensions & Makeup

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Possible Wedding Styles - Looking to Add Extensions


Possible Wedding Makeup Style

Looking to do something vibrant with my eyes but very natural for the wedding and for the reception I will replace lipstick with my cherry jubalee. 

But I love the way Stacey Dash's makeup looks, I am going for something natural like this with hints of lavender, pink and so forth for that girly look.

Update 6/20/2012: I found my wedn day hairstyle.

Update 7/10/2012: I have had some many different hair styles I have been in love with, but it seems like I'm all over the place with it. I would definitely say, do a hair trial if you can, you may like a style that doesn't go nice on your face or suite you well. Well this is what happened with the picture above w/Jennifer Williams. I had a trial and it didn't look good on me, so I am changing it up (see pic of KK below, I am thinking of long soft curls, to something similar to my engagement photo, but since my hair is not as long of full as this pic, I will add extensions). And it takes lots of money to have to keep going to different ppl to see if they can replicate a style for you, so pick something beautiful and do your research on stylist, one that is professional and will be on time.

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love the hair ideas!! Especially Jennifer Williams' hair!

Love the hair ideas, we have the same taste!!!