Feb 21, 2015


My Good News Week!

Well this week I must say has been very reassuring....things have been falling into place day-by-day.  It began with a very interesting trip to a Bridal Expo over the weekend.  Even though I didn't win the make-up makeover from a popular MUA, or get a fantastic price on our rings (my hubby-to-be insists on replacing my engagement ring) but I oogled over the Chivari chairs at one particular vendor's display, that I soooo want for our garden-styled reception.  They were offering a wedding giveaway to the tune of US$4000+ and I was intent on winning it.  About two weeks ago the same vendor had the same giveaway but with no success. I always say things happen for a reason and I abide by this belief.

I called the vendor on Monday AND Tuesday, even emailed them (as they requested) but they still had no prices for some of the items I was enquiring about.  So I picked up myself and drove to their office. Got lost but eventually found them.  They are in the process of renovating so their stockroom and office was in a bit of chaos.  Needless to say I wasn't able to view their selections as I wanted but they showed me pictures of events and set-ups they did.  While I was chatting with my Rep, a fellow bride, the owner came in and jumped in our conversation.  I mentioned to her that I emailed them and the other two ladies in the office all laughed as they were laughing at it.  I joked in it that I was the winner of the giveaway and I am sure they tried to contact me but I missed the  They called me the "hehehehe winner". She (owner) then unveiled the best news ever to me, outside of being asked to marry the love of my life - if I use them as my rental company, they would award me with one of the giveaways! I would meet with their decorator to give him our concept, he would do a mock-up of a table and upon my approval - bring it to life!  Also she referred me to a well-known restaurant that I know have been getting rave reviews but have had no personal experience as yet.  She volunteered to negotiate on my behalf for staff and catering.  Obviously I was elated!  Left there smiling from ear to ear.

* okay I caught my breath *  hehehehe

Next step - I had a make up trial a month ago with a friend who does make-up.  Only to be informed that she was booked on that same day for the second instalment of an Indian wedding...I was crushed.  MUA needed - asap.  I had gotten quotes from one of the best but her prices were throough the roof.  I mean I know she's worth it but still I didnt think it was fair to spend that much on just me.  An old friend of mine who is also one of the top MUA's in our country I tracked a number down for her.  I first told her it was in South, she shrieked...Informed her it was a Sunday and then she screamed...she asked me for a day to think about it because she doesn't work South for just one face, AND she usually reserves Sunday for her daughters.  About one hour later she called me back "ONLY CUZ OF YOU!!! lol"  I told her my Matron of Honour would have her face done as well, so it would be two faces.  (When I was relaying the story to my mom she wants her face, and my godmother's too). Another icing on this very sweet cake is her price for both mine and my MOH's face totals the price of the initial MUA AND her trial is free compared to a very hefty pricetag on the other!  

Yesterday my hubby-to-be was told that his striking Dark Grey Shark skin suit was delivered to the store (Patricia's South) early!! He prefers that I don't see the finished product before the wedding (even though we both saw it at the store and he tried on the jacket).  He was not impressed in the least that he would not be allowed to see my dress prior to the big day.  His female family members and friends all shouted at him saying that it was bad luck.  Only then did he agree....begrudgingly. Hehehe...

Tonight as I left the movies, I received three email messages saying that my bridesmaids and MOH's dresses have arrived!!!! They were scheduled to arrive in about 2 weeks.  Even though I am not in FL to go view them and approve them, my fiance has agreed to handle this in my absence.  Guess he could make arrangements for his suit while he's there as well.

Bridesmaids' dressMatron of honour dressThese Dessy dresses will be featured in various colours for my ladies.

I must say if the following months ahead continue along this path I am going to enjoy all four of them. :-D


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